Thursday, July 23, 2009


We are making progress on the house--but if you know me well you know that I wanted it done yesterday! But considering everything that we have done, I think it is going beautifully! I am learning sooo much about construction & about myself all at the same time.
Here are some things that I have learned about myself & quite a few kinda scared me:
1) I am extremely impatient
2) I hate not being in control
3) I like things symmetrical
4) I hate when people make excuses
5) I like clean water & water pressure

I know it may sound crazy that I could realize these things about myself through construction & remodeling a house but sometimes God shows us things about ourselves through unexpected circumstances. Through all of this God is showing me how to give it all over to him & not sweat the small stuff (even though he cares about the small stuff too--he's got it in control & I don't have to be in control)! Enjoy the pics of the progress :)

I was all smiles when our new vanity arrived--got it on ebay!!

French doors that were added to master bedroom

Sheet rock finally goes up

what it looked like before sheet rock (bare bones)

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