Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Sorry for the delay in posts---but to say that I have been busy is an extreme understatement!!
So with that said & out of the way let me fill you in on what the Posey's have been up to.

1) Finished up football season with an awesome record & many wonderful memories until next year
2) Boyscouts
3) Visited Chad & spent Thanksgiving in Virginia on the Chesapeake Bay with my family
4) Added 2 new additions to our family--Milo & Dazy, yes we adopted but take a deep breathe they are Springer Spaniels.
5) Started a new job!!
6) Enjoyed a wonderful & blessed Christmas

I know that was a quick recap but enjoy the pics & I will try to do better and keep the posts current  :)

This is Alex @ the football awards banquet with his Coach Jim & Coach Michael.

Everyone in the 4th grade that participated this Football Season--can't wait to pull this pic out when they are Seniors & see how much they have changed.

Alex & his best friend Jonathon @ Boyscouts honoring Soldiers.

The scouts made these iron crosses & laid wreaths for the holiday season.

They shot off a canon to honor the soldiers.

The whole boyscout crew--wow its really hard to get that many boys to be still long enough to get a photo.

Alex & 2 of this best friends (Jonathon & Tyler) muggin in this shot like they're bad

Truth comes out---they're not as bad as they seem.  They're just a bunch of SILLY boys goofing around!!

Really cool lighthouse that we went to while visiting Chad.

My 3 favorite guys--together again :)

Ok so this isn't the best pic but it's us on the beach freezin our tails off in Virginia

Chad & Alex (enough said)!

Mom & Mr. Robbie all smiles  :)

This is the boat dock @ the house on the Chesapeake Bay that we stayed @ for Thanksgiving.
We had so much fun can't wait to go back & visit next year--I since a family tradition starting don't you?

A few days before Christmas we welcomed 2 new additions to our family in the form of Springer Spaniels (Milo & Dazy).  Above is a pic of Dazy she is our little sweetheart but don't let her sweet face fool you, she is the boss & she can be sneaky!!

This is Milo--he is a big boy but he is all baby & he wants to cuddle like a lap dog but weighs around 60lbs.
 After we lost our Brittany Spaniel about a yr ago we just couldn't seem to find the right animal to fit our family but we knew that we wanted to fill that void & have a best friend so to speak for Alex.  After numerous attempts to find the RIGHT dog & everytime coming to a dead end, I finally said enough! So I did the only thing I know that works--I started praying for the right dog @ the right price (which had to be free!)  God answered & instead of 1 best friend Alex now has 2!!

Chad & Milo playing around.

Milo in the bed with Alex (awww so sweet)!

Christmas @ MawMaw & Grandaddy's  2009

MawMaw, Me, Chad & Grandaddy

Some of the stuff that Santa brought Alex

Trying our Milo's new toy that Santa brought.

Christmas hugs...awww  :)

Posing with Chad's Christmas present (new motorcycle).  SWEET!!

Merry Christmas 2009---we are so THANKFUL & BLESSED to have been able to spend it with family & friends.

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