Friday, July 23, 2010

Long & Overdue Post Update

Okay so in the last post I said that I would keep ya'll updated---well I lied!!!  I have been awful, just couldn't seem to find the time, life seems to be movin' @ warp speed & I'm hangin' on!!!
Enjoy the pics!!

Easter 2010
Isn't he a cutie?

4th Grade getting ready to hunt some eggs

Alex & Blake being goofy on Easter
The Bunny
Our Family

Easter Smooch


My Babies
You can't catch me!!

Alex @ field day, playing his favorite game WAR BALL
Alex & Dylan smokin' everybody in the 3 leg race
Oh yeah sac-race

Boyscouts @ the fish hatchery in Warm Springs

Gator in Warm Springs

Milo doing his favorite thing SWIMMING

Dazy in action

Alex coolin' off

They're both keepers

I love this pic of my guys!

Alex thought Milo would look good in Georgia gear (doesn't he look thrilled)

Ok--so I had to include this pic because it's been a looongg time since I laughed this hard!!
Alex & his Free Bird jump

Hi Mom--look what I can do
Nothin' sweeter than Summertime

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