Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Alex is 11!!!!!

Oh my goodness you read the title to this post correctly my baby is 11yrs old!!!!
As I think back over the last 11yrs. I am stunned @ how fast that went by--WOW.  I know I am partial but seriously Alex is the coolest kid, and he brings so much joy, love, laughter & life to our family.
I cannot even begin to express how greatful & blessed I am to have him as a son. (ok now I'm crying)
But all you mama's out there know exactly what I'm talking about.

Alex had a sleepover with 10 of his friends & they had a blast playing nerf gun war/roasting marshmallows & a bunch of other cool boy stuff.
Enjoy these pics ---he also got a dirt bike from his Nan but I will upload that pic later.
Roadkill Armadillo Cake

Yep this is how you light a cake redneck style (blow torch)

Alex opening presents

Despite the look on his face--he got some really cool gifts, including his favorite $

Jake muggin with his nerf guns

Blake muggin

Jonathon & Dawson devising a strategy to win nerf war

Just about the only pic I could get of Alex (he wouldn't stay still longer enough)

Jake & Jonathon (this game is gettin serious they have night googles)!

It marshmellow roasting time (and Dazy has demon eyes)



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