Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TIRED---but happy :)

TIRED!!  Yeah I'm pretty doggone tired but at the same time I'm HAPPY!  Doesn't really make sense but I guess I'm happy to be tired (crazy I know)!  Well, just like everybody else this time of year we have a million things going on all at once.  You know the usual... work (did I mention that I don't have a set schedule & work 1st/2nd/3rd shifts @ random, yeah it's lovely), school & all the activities that go with that, boyscouts, photo sessions & the list just keeps going on & on.....you get the picture & I'm sure your life is the same way too!!    But with all this CRAZINESS, I'm HAPPY & THANKFUL &wouldn't trade it for anything.

This aaaha moment/revelation came after talking or should I say ranting & raving w/JC (Jesus Christ aka my father....who listens to every word I say!).  He showed me that even though I was TIRED & CRAZY BUSY that I was looking at it all in the wrong perspective.  Ummmmm......after thinking about it for a little while I realized he was right & decide to look at the positive.  So I did what I do best & made one of my famous lists (stop laughing you know you make them too).

*love that I have a happy, healthy family that keeps me on my toes
*glad to have jobs
*Alex loves school & has great friends there
*glad to have such a helpful husband & child (that love me no matter how crazy I am)
*proud that Alex is involved in boyscouts
*thankful for photography
*most of all thankful that JC aka daddy always has my back, listens & cares for my every desire

Well, you know I can't end a post without giving you some pics to look at---ENJOY :)

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