Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Crystal Springs!!

OK looks as if this will be the last HOORAH before school starts back this Friday Aug. 6th  :(
Blake starts the party off with a good ole' CANNON BALL
(sorry for the blurry pic he was too fast)
We decided to go to Crystal Springs & end the summer with some high dive action!!  Although a lot of the extended family was there, they were chickens & didn't get in the 66 degree water!!  So if you didn't get in the water you don't get your picture taken (that will teach you next time not to be party poopers---I mean give me a break it's just FREEZING water).

Jake (Alex's friend)
Jonathan (Alex's friend)
Al getting the party started with a SPLASH!
Jake flippin
Alex goin down the slide backwards
Mom--going for dive
Mom--there she goes (still has good form)!
Al--attempting his FreeBird jump (by the way check out mama's face)
Oh this looks like it might be painfull!
Doris contemplating with a smile :)
HOLD IT--maybe I won't jump?

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