Saturday, September 4, 2010

Boys of Fall (FRA C-Team football 2010)

Yeap it's that time, the air is starting to cool off just a bit (ok so maybe the temp hasn't actually dropped any but I like to believe it is).  And everybody knows that FOOTBALL season is here!!!!
Alex & his team played their 1st game on 9/2/10 against the Heritage Hawks & boy did we get spanked!! Needless to say we went home with our tails tucked between our legs.  But me always being the optimist I believe the boys learned ALOT & will win the next game----GO CATS!!
Enjoy the pics :)

Cats vs. Hawks

Alex goin for the tackle
Tuck that ball & GO
Just had to add this pic--isn't he a cutie
(I know I'm a little partial)

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